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Vegetarian sushi options at Blowfish

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We are known for our sushi at Blowfish and we’re happy to be able to cater to vegetarians as well as the meat-eaters. Here are our top picks for vegetarian sushi options at Blowfish.

Maki 6 pieces

This sushi roll consists of a filling wrapped in sushi rice and nori, or seaweed. You can choose from mixed veg, cucumber, and avocado as filling options.

Fashion Sandwich 6 pieces

Fashion Sandwiches are a carefully layered piece of sushi. Layers consist of nori and rice, with a filling in the middle. For the vegetarians, choose the Mixed Veg Fashion Sandwich.

California Roll 8 pieces

A fan favourite is the California Roll, which is similar to an inverted maki roll. Rice is on the outside with nori wrapping the filling. The Mixed Veg California Roll is to die for!

Hand Roll

This is also known as a Temaki roll and consists of a large piece of nori wrapped around sushi rice and a filling. Choose the Mixed Veg Hand Roll if you are vegetarian.

Roses 2 pieces

Invented in Cape Town, salmon roses are many people’s favourite sushi roll. At Blowfish, we offer a vegetarian version, with cucumber shaped like a rose encasing the sushi rice within.

Come try all these delicious options on your next trip to Blowfish! Be sure to book a table so you don’t miss out. Feel free to ask your waiter or our sushi chef for any recommendations and don’t forget to tag us in your foodie shots.

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