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Blowfish Restaurant
Frequently Asked Wedding Questions

Last Updated: 20 March, 2023

  • 1. Do you cater for vegetarian, vegan and Halaal guests?
    We have a variety of menus that suit vegans and vegetarians. We’re not Halaal certified, however we do offer Halaal-friendly options.
  • 2. Until what time is the restaurant available on the night of the wedding?
    Although we would love for you to dance the night away, our liquor licence allows us to sell alcohol until 00h00, which is also the time we’ll have to turn off the music.
  • 3. Where can the couple get ready before the wedding?
    We always suggest booking a room at Dolphin Beach Hotel the night before in order to make getting ready on the big day as simple as possible. We can assist with discounted rates.
  • 4. How much does a wedding at Blowfish cost?
    We have a wide variety of venues and menus to help you tailor-make your perfect day. Visit our Weddings Page for more info.
  • 5. Does Blowfish provide wedding decor?
    We don’t provide decor apart from white table cloths, but we can put you in touch with our preferred suppliers who will make your special day gorgeous.
  • 6. Does Blowfish supply music?
    Unfortunately we do not supply the music and/or DJ, but we can put you in touch with our recommended DJs and music suppliers. They’ll keep you on your feet, dancing the night away.
  • 7. Is there a dance floor in the restaurant?
    Depending on the size of your event, The Deck works perfectly as a dancefloor (trust us, we’ve tried it!).
  • 8. Is Blowfish wheelchair friendly?
    Yes, we do have wheelchair access and movement within the restaurant is wheelchair friendly. The bathroom is accessible by the lift in the hotel lobby.
  • 9. When can we start decorating and setting up the venue on the wedding day?
    This depends on the time of your wedding. For morning weddings you are welcome to start setting up as soon as the restaurant opens at 7am. For afternoon weddings setting up usually starts at 12pm.
  • 10. Are there any restrictions when decorating the venue?
    We want you to have your perfectly decorated event and we try to accommodate this. Please do not use any nails, screws or anything that will damage the existing infrastructure. Please note that all equipment has to be removed after the wedding, because the restaurant will be open to guests early the next day for breakfast. Blowfish is not responsible for any equipment left on the premises.
  • 11. Can the centrepieces contain candles?
    Yes, candles are allowed.
  • 12. Does Blowfish provide a cutting knife for the wedding cake?
    We do not have a dedicated knife for cutting the wedding cake.
  • 13. Can we bring our own sparkling wine?
    Absolutely! Please note that a R50 corkage fee per bottle opened will be charged.
  • 14. Can we bring in a band or DJ?
    Yes, absolutely!
  • 15. Does Blowfish have a sound system? Speakers, microphones, etc.?
    We have our own audio system that plays music through the shop, but not for events or special occasions. We recommend bringing in the needed equipment.
  • 16. Does Blowfish offer payment plans?
    Unfortunately not.
  • 17. What kind of payment options does Blowfish offer?
    We accept cash, cards on the day of the event, and EFT payments for deposits are welcome.
  • 18. What is Blowfish’s cancellation policy?
    We charge a 15% cancellation fee.
  • 19. Is there overnight accommodation available for the bridal couple and wedding guests?
    Yes, we love hosting event guests, as this ensures everyone’s safety and comfort! One room at Dolphin Beach Hotel for the bridal couple is included in the venue hire for the night of the event. The hotel will also offer special rates to guests for the night of the event, subject to availability.
  • 20. Does Blowfish have parking for all guests attending the wedding?
    We have a large municipal parking lot next to the restaurant, including a few parking bays specifically for Blowfish guests. Please note that parking spots can’t be reserved.